Financial Analysis

If you’re looking to purchase residential, industrial or commercial lighting products in bulk, then Wholesale Lighting, LLC. is a reliable company that can assist you. Our company provides wholesale lights to the southeastern Michigan and northwestern Ohio regions. We are based in Toledo OH.

Financing Options

When you need financing assistance for the purchase of wholesale lighting products, we’re more than happy to aid you. You can consult us to receive an in-depth financial analysis and get started from there. If you have a job that fits the specified requirements, you can purchase LED lights and various other supplies without having to make an initial payment. You can then get utility rebate payment post-installation. You should be presented with this payment in a time frame of between 48 and 72 hours after the installation process, conveniently enough.

Zero Waiting Necessary

Waiting isn’t part of our financing process at all, either. If the idea of waiting for upward of 180 days or so to finally get a rebate check sounds daunting to you, then you don’t have to worry. Thanks to our company’s affiliations, we’ll send your products to you quickly without you having to make any payments.

Cash Incoming and Outgoing

Having to wait around can be a major headache for brand new projects. It can negatively affect cash flow, to be specific. When you work with our company, however, you have the luxury of being able to purchase your necessary products at the lowest rates around. You also have the luxury of getting your required products sent to you quickly. The best part of all of this without a doubt is that there are absolutely zero upfront charges required of you.

Mail Check or Direct Deposit

Once your project is finished, you’ll very quickly receive a check in your mailbox or you’ll receive direct deposit payment straight into your bank account. The decision is entirely up to you. This payment will get to you within a time frame of just two to three days tops. This swift payment will then enable you to start your newer task.

Price Markdown

We also offer our valued customers convenient discounts. This price markdown can be anywhere between six percent and 10 percent. The discount is based on the utility company and how swiftly it sends payment to the financing firm. If it takes the utility company 30 days maximum, then the discount is six percent. If it takes the company 60 days maximum, the discount is slightly higher at eight percent. If it takes the company more than 61 days, last but not least, then the discount is a full 10 percent.

Contact Wholesale Lighting, LLC Today

If you have any questions about any of our wholesale lighting products, don’t hesitate for a minute to contact us with them. If you have any questions about our company’s financial analysis process, feel free to do the same. You can call our Toledo OH company directly or send us an email through our business site.