Utility Rebates

An Energy Rebate Program typically provides a cash rebate program for customers planning to install new, energy efficient lighting systems. The utilities provide these incentives because their regulators would rather reduce energy usage on the grid than build new power generating facilities as it’s more cost effective. 

You may have access to substantial incentives and rebates associated with energy savings projects. Different regions are served by different utilities. We keep track of the rules, offers, and processes associated with obtaining the maximum potential rebates available from local utilities or local/state governmental agencies.

We will assist you in identifying, documenting, and obtaining those financial incentives for which you qualify, improving the financial projections associated with all of your lighting projects. We’ll help you secure these incentives for all of the facilities that you own and help you leverage the savings for reduced expenses in all of the facilities that you lease.

Where to Find Rebate Programs?

DSIRE offers a handy, searchable database of up-to-date state programs that support energy efficiency. You could simply ask Wholesale Lighting as well. We can work with you to find an ideal rebate for your company, one which provides you with the aid and support you deserve.

In the end, energy efficiency protects the environment, reduces waste, and conserves resources. It contributes to public health, economic stability, and even national security. Luckily, there are hundreds of available commercial and industrial programs for utility rebates spread across the country. Wholesale Lighting reminds you that energy-efficient lighting is an eco-friendly way to save money and resources.

If you’re ready to make a commitment to reducing energy costs, then give us a call. We’ll get to work on finding you the utility rebate that will provide the most value, and give advice on what your options are.