Car Dealerships

While some business owners struggle to come up with effective ways to improve energy efficiency, car dealership owners need to look no further than the lighting in their showrooms and parking lots.

When compared to a typical building, the average automotive dealership uses nearly 18 percent more energy to sustain their operations. Considering that lighting can account for nearly half of these energy costs, dealership owners can greatly reduce operating costs and energy consumption by investing in high-quality lighting solutions. Customized commercial lighting benefits dealerships by improving visibility and enhancing the appearance of inventory.

new cars in the parking lot in the automobile delership

The Impact of LED Technology

The emergence of light-emitting diode (LED) technology has been instrumental for car dealerships and other businesses that are focused on saving energy and shaving operating costs. While the initial purchase price of LED lighting may be a bit higher than other forms of lighting, there are many advantages to LED technology that should not be ignored. Dealership executives who are seeking to trim costs should consider how the installation of LED lighting will positively impact overall maintenance costs and energy consumption.

The Lifespan of LED Lighting is from 5-50 Times Longer than Other Types of Lighting

Many LED lights have an estimated lifespan of 50,000 to 60,000 hours. When compared to the short lifespan of 1,000 hours for most incandescent lights or 10,000 hours for many fluorescent or HID lights, the impact of LED technology cannot be denied. Money is saved because maintenance is rarely needed and replacement bulbs rarely need to be purchased. With many dealerships requiring extensive lighting indoors and outdoors, it makes sense to consider LED lighting.

LED Lighting is Cool and Uses 75% Less Energy than Other Lighting

LED lights produce significantly less heat than most other forms of lighting. For dealership employees and customers, this means that working conditions are often more comfortable. In the heat of the summer, service personnel working in dealership service bays will not have to contend with the extra heat of an incandescent or fluorescent light. Showroom floors do not heat up and the temperature in offices is not impacted. Most importantly, LED lights use 75% less energy than other types of lighting.

Automotive Inventory Will Shine with LED Lighting

Despite the fact that LED lights use relatively little energy, LED lights offer a greater level of brightness than incandescent or halogen lights of the same lux. They can effectively spotlight outdoor inventory at night, as well as illuminate a dim service bay. And considering the long-term reduction in maintenance expenses, the installation of LED lighting represents the most cost-effective car dealership lighting solutions. In addition, the use of LED lighting by car dealerships represents a forward-thinking approach to energy conservation.

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