Superior illumination and cost-effective lighting equipment can be essential for warehouses, loading docks, and other working environments where employees are dealing with high volumes of materials and products.

From ensuring illumination levels are suitable for workers, to safely operating vehicles and heavy equipment, to selecting lighting fixtures and equipment that can be utilized in spaces where temperatures must be strictly controlled or regulated, businesses seeking the best freight/distribution lighting solutions would be wise to make their purchases through experienced lighting professionals that are able to offer a wide range of equipment choices and illumination options.

Safety Concerns Created by Improper Lighting

Insufficient illumination and lighting equipment which impairs visibility can create no end of safety hazards, including:

  • Impaired situational awareness in busy and dynamic environments
  • Reduced visibility for employees and associates who are operating vehicles or utilizing heavy equipment
  • Increased worker fatigue due to eye strain

How Wholesale Lighting Addresses These Safety Concerns

Fixtures that can provide tight-beam illumination, area-wide lighting, or diffuse lighting that can illuminate an environment with minimum glare may all be required in order to properly light a warehouse or loading dock. Poor or impaired visibility can become a serious safety hazard, one that could lead to an increased risk of accident or workplace injury.

Temperature and Environmental Concerns

From unheated warehouses to environments that require strict temperature control, utilizing freight/distribution lighting solutions better suited to the surrounding environment can have many benefits. LED lights and fixtures are ideally suited for cold environments and can also eliminate the waste heat of older lighting technologies that could contribute to an environment that may cause damage to products and materials, or contribute to worker discomfort. Selecting equipment options and lighting solutions better suited to the temperature and environment of a work space may not be a concern that businesses can afford to ignore.

High-Efficiency Can Reduce Overhead Costs

Illuminating a large working environment can require considerable expense. Businesses seeking to curb overhead costs often find that investing in the right lighting solutions can produce considerable savings.

Cost-saving lighting solutions may include:

  • LED and Induction lighting
  • Lenses able to amplify the illumination provided by specific fixtures
  • Mirrors and polished surfaces that can better spread the light output

Ineffective lighting fixtures or a poorly created lighting scheme could end up costing shipping and distribution centers far more than they might realize.

Rugged Lighting and More Durable Equipment Options

Busy warehouse environments and loading areas used by multiple vehicles can often benefit from a more rugged and durable selection of lighting equipment. Caged fixtures, mounting points that will keep lighting equipment out of the way, and area-wide lighting that may reduce the need to install fixtures within high-traffic areas and confined spaces can all reduce maintenance costs and help to ensure equipment wear and breakage will be kept to a minimum. Having to replace damaged fixtures and broken equipment can become a costly inconvenience that businesses would do well to minimize.

If you work in freight/distribution and you feel you would benefit from the installation of a new custom lighting system, then contact Wholesale Lighting today.