Retail Stores

If you run a retail center or a strip mall, the lighting in the parking lot and around your facility is very important. Improper lighting can have a number of negative results.

Here are some of the ways proper lighting can solve common problems in your strip mall or retail facility.

Decrease in Car Break-Ins in the Parking Lot

While it is not always easy to keep customers happy, you can keep them safe by having a well-lit parking lot to deter people from breaking into cars. If you have issues with frequent thefts, it may cause people to stay away from your retail establishment. By ensuring that your building exterior and parking lot are well-lit, you send a message to any prospective thieves that they will definitely be seen.

The Potential for Decrease in Thefts for Your Tenants

The potential for problems is increased when your customers and tenants do not feel safe because they are in an area that is poorly lit. Your priority is doing your best to ensure that everyone is safe and you can help them feel that way by providing effective lighting. Reasonable lighting helps deter would-be thieves who are considering breaking into your tenants’ shops, and increases the likelihood that they will be seen and identified.

shoppingShopping Patrons May Be Less Likely to Slip, Trip or Fall Because of Poor Lighting

While you cannot stop all slips and falls, you can make sure sufficient lighting is provided to help customers identify hazards that may possibly hurt them. You have to take everyone’s needs into consideration, including people with disabilities that may not see very well. If a customer slips and falls because of poor lighting, you may be responsible for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Easier for Security Patrols to See Unwanted Guests

Poorly lit places make it challenging for security as they patrol the parking lots. It makes their job a bit tougher to do when they cannot see things while driving through the parking lot or simply patrolling on foot. Unwanted visitors can be people that are up to no good, patrons that may have been asked to leave the premises, loiterers, or even stray animals. You do not want to give the impression that you do not care about the appearance or overall success of your business by having a poorly lit facility.

If the lighting surrounding your strip mall is poor, crime can increase. Car break-ins are more prevalent and thieves may target your tenants. Unfortunately, it can be hard for your security patrols to see these perpetrators in the dark. Additionally, your shopping patrons may slip, trip, or fall in the parking lot or on your walkways with poor lighting. This can expose you to a potential lawsuit. Always make sure your facility is well lit at all times to decrease these negative outcomes.

If you want to improve the lighting at your retail center, shopping center, or strip mall then contact Wholesale Lighting today.